Site Selection & Further Process

Pristyn Research Solutions

Site Selection & Further Process

Site selection is a precarious part of a successful clinical trial.

Pristyn research site selection criteria are based on four guiding principles

  • Predictability: the site should have a history of precisely predicting the enrollment of the required patients
  • Enrollment: the site should have a history of enrolling the specified number of patients
  • Retention: the staff and the procedures at the site should be professional and diligent enough to ensure proper patient retention
  • Data Quality: the site should have the experience, staff, and methods in place to ensure quality data

Pristyn research wide-ranging experience in trials has allowed us to develop close links to a large number of high quality, motivated investigational sites with high recruitment potential. We also have a clear understanding of site capabilities to ensure that sites possess the equipment and skills to execute non-standard clinical procedures. We choice sites based on their history of meeting enrollment targets and reliable delivery of high quality data.

During the feasibility stage, we work with the site team to identify prospective patients before study beginning, thereby giving clients the safety of firm enrollment targets. From that first contact to the final database lock, our staff strongly manages the efforts and outcomes of every patient interaction, thus ensuring full enrollment and on-time execution.